Chimney Repair Versus Chimney Flashes

Chimney repair can be a costly endeavor if you don’t take the time to inspect and repair your chimney on a regular basis. Repairing a chimney before it needs repair can save you money by reducing your insurance premiums and protecting the structure of your home. If you’re not sure whether your chimney needs work, call a chimney inspector who can give you an assessment and estimate on the cost of repairs. Keep in mind that even if the damage is minimal, you should make sure it is repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring. It is also wise to have your chimney inspected every year.

The most common chimney repair problems are cracks in the masonry, which is caused by moisture escape or condensation due to condensation building up on the bricks that make up the masonry chimney. Cracks are easy to fix but larger cracks that go from top to bottom, or from side to side, will need to be inspected by a trained chimney inspector. Smaller cracks in the masonry can usually be fixed with an application of mortar and a new brick application. For larger cracks, such as those that go from side to side or from top to bottom, the only solution is a chimney crown repair.

Professional chimney sweeps perform yearly chimney inspections. These professional chimney sweeps have the experience and equipment to spot dangerous flue obstructions like trees or piles of debris near the roof line that can cause damage to a chimney. During a chimney inspection, the inspector will carefully look over the inside and outside of the chimney to make sure that the flue was not damaged. If necessary, the chimney sweep can also take a sample of the smoke coming out of the fireplace for laboratory testing. Once the laboratory test is complete, your chimney inspector will be able to suggest the best course of action for repairing or replacing your chimney.

For home owners on a budget, or who are concerned about energy costs, chimney flashing repairs may be an option. Flashing repairs are actually quite simple. A qualified and experienced chimney sweep will simply apply a special epoxy to the inside walls of the chimney, around the flue, and any other areas that are vulnerable to chimney corrosion. The contractor will then insert a stainless steel or aluminum liner into the crack and let it solidify to protect the interior of your home from the elements. In addition to saving money on energy costs and chimney cleaning costs, a properly installed flashing repair can actually increase the life of your chimney by protecting the mortar joints between bricks or stones. View here for more info about these experts.

If you are interested in a chimney repair that is more expensive than these other options, your best bet is to consult a professional chimney sweep company. Professional chimney sweepers have the experience and equipment to identify problematic areas and fix them efficiently and effectively. They top dallas chimney repair  expert also have the expertise to deal with design issues, such as faulty chimney design, weak flue seals, or cracked or worn flashings. When the risk of fire, injury, and structural damage is the main concern, the cost of a chimney sweep and replacement become critical.

Chimney repair isn’t just limited to repairs to the flue. Proper chimney protection also includes repairing or replacing the chimney’s main structure, including the base, the stem, the top, and the guttering. Base flashing is essential to protecting the chimney’s walls from the corrosive effects of water and the ash and smoke that constantly collect. Chimney gaskets play a critical role in protecting the chimney from falling debris. Finally, roof flashings protect the roof from the corrosive effects of smoke and moisture. If a chimney has been identified as needing repair or replacement, it is recommended that you contact a chimney sweep service before attempting the repairs yourself.  If you want to know more about this topic, then click here:

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